samedi 25 avril 2015

MELTED REALITY Exhibition with Margré Steensma & Thomas Cartron from March 20th to May 2nd, 2015

Hors Champ, 2015
Thomas Cartron
erased photography on wall
variable dimensions

Burn it blue, 2014
Thomas Cartron
1 of a series of four candle burned photographic papers,
unique piece 9x9cm,
black matted frame 30x30cm
The picture, 2015
Thomas Cartron
image taken from the movie « Alice in the Cities » by Wim Wenders, partially erased, photographic print mounted on aluminium

Sans titre (la nuit immédiate), 2015
Thomas Cartron
sea water & silver nitrate photographic print on wall, unfixed
4x5 inches negative, glass plate, brass nails, cardboard box
variable dimensions

Toilet brush, 2015
Margré Steensma
silicone, plastic

Brush, Paper and Basket, 2015
Margré Steensma
mdf, paper, plastic, plaster, silicone

Because uneven is better then even, 2015 Margré Steensma
mdf, silicone
Bath mat, 2015
Margré Steensma
mdf, plastic

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