samedi 26 avril 2014


Réflexions, special relativity; chasing a beam of light, 2013

Céline Butaye

2 of a serie of 102 handmade prisms, polyester, pigment,

variable dimensions

I borrowed the subtitle from Albert Einstein, who recalled that he had imagined chasing after a beam of light and that this thought experiment had played a memorable role in his development of his theory of special relativity.*

* VALLENTIN Antonia, Le drame d’Albert Einstein, 1954, Librairie Plon, Paris


Light box study, 2014

Céline Butaye

5 colored shapes, variable materials,

dimensions of the gallery

Le Musichromographe, 2014

Victor Duchêne

Musichromographe machine


Musichromographies, 2014

Victor Duchêne

Polaroid prints stapled on paper

variable dimensions

Water oscillations, 2014

Victor Duchêne

Two Four-color Copper etching prints of the water oscillations

35x50cm each

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